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Been Hallucinatin' You, Babe
Title: Been Hallucinatin' You, Babe
Pairing: Axel x Roxas
Rating: T
Words: 1000~
Disclaimer: I don't own Axel, Roxas, or an air conditioner, because where I come from the basement is always cool enough to counter the summer heat.
Warnings: Language, boys in boxers, mentions of a homosexual relationship, Roxas being a sassy, irritable bitch due to intensive summer heat.
A/N: There's really not much to say here. Other than I typically like Demyx, but making him the idiot roommate that everyone hates was clearly the easiest way to get Roxas off the floor in the bathroom and into Axel's bedroom. Oh ho ho, that plot device. Written for a contest on dA, just a quick little drabble. Title from 'Summer in the City' By Regina Spektor. 

The sun beat down, baking the pavement and causing the air to move, shimmering and pulsing in the distance. The heat was unbearable, it got under your skin until you were nothing but dried out meat suit, a hide stretched out and left to cure in the heat.

“I’m going to start decomposing,” Roxas said from the floor, shirt off and thinking about wiggling out of his boxers to take advantage of the momentary respite the bathroom tiles gave before heating up from the temperature of his skin.

“Can you decompose in heat like this? Or do you mummify?” Axel asked, spread eagle in the hardwood flooring, on his stomach with his cheek pressed to the slowly heating floor.

“If the air conditioning doesn’t get fixed soon, the repair man is going to get here and be accosted by decomposing, mummified bodies strewn about your apartment,” Roxas mumbled, monotone because it was too much effort to put a little inflection into his voice.

“Maybe it’ll rain,” Axel replied, raising his head and looking out the window to see clear, painfully blue skies.

“It’ll probably rain boiling water,” Roxas grumbled, moving over to get out of his body-warmed spot of tiling.

“Hey, now, none of that cynicism. We could always take another cold bath,” Axel said, flopping back down on the floor. Roxas lifted his head, looking down his body to see Axel’s head and shoulders on the floor by the doorway.

“Can we have ice cream, too?” Roxas asked, voice sounding hopeful.

“Sure, Rox, we can have anything you want.” Axel’s words were punctuated by a slamming door, the giggles of his far-too-peppy roommate, who Roxas couldn’t deal with even when the temperature wasn’t up there with the Sahara desert at high noon and the innermost pit of Hell.

“Fuck this,” Roxas said, standing on shaky legs and stepping over Axel, letting the red head take a peek up his shorts before he promptly shut himself in Axel’s room. Axel slowly stood up, rearranged his sweaty boxers, and walked to his room, closing the door before Demyx saw him and he really started regretting not immediately following the prickly little blond.

Said prickly little blond who was currently lying on Axel’s bed and moaning in discomfort.

“It is so hot that it hurts,” Roxas complained, while Axel rolled his eyes and propped himself up against a wall, easily four full degrees cooler than the bed, even without Roxas on it. Three fans were blowing at full blast, but that just meant the hot air was moving. The heat was something living, something consuming and violent and - just who was that Demyx was talking to?

Axel listened from the crack under his door, splayed out on the floor like a loon with his lanky arms and legs akimbo, trying to hear past Roxas’ incessant grumbling and whining.

“I mean, what good is summer if you literally can’t move the entire time because it’s too hot? I’m pretty sure I’ve sweated out all of the water I’ve drank for the past two days. At least the sun is starting to set now,” Roxas said, squinting out the window at the sun, hanging low in the sky, but not enough to reduce the heat at all.

“How about this, Rox. How about when the sun starts to set, I’ll risk life and sanity to go get us some ice cream from the kitchen, and we’ll watch the sun set like the sappy couple that we are,” Axel said, crawling towards the bed only to be held back by an angry glare.

“I am not sappy, you neanderthal. There is nothing wrong with watching the sun set,” Roxas ground out, moving his hand away quickly when Axel reached out to grab it.

“Oh, c’mon, Rox, you know I didn’t mean to offend you, just calm down and holding my fucking hand.”

“No! Only sappy couples hold hands, and besides, it’s way too hot to be holding hands, it’s just gonna get sweaty and unpleasant and in the end we both lose.” Axel, spurned on by a mysterious energy that he didn’t know he had in him, jumped up, running his hands over sweat damp skin and laughing low in his throat and trying to grab Roxas’ wildly flailing arms when a strange, grating noise and then sweet relief stopped them dead.

“The-the air condition,” Axel mumbled after a moment of dead silence, cracked by Demyx’s inane giggling and triumphant shouting. The kid wasn’t too hard to deal with, and was sometimes pretty cool, but not with this kind of temperature.

“Where is the repair man, I’m going to go kiss him,” Roxas said, moving to get out of bed before Axel grabbed him around the hips and pulled him down into his lap, back against his chest.

“Mm, no you don’t, you won’t even hold my hand! Kissing random strangers is so far off the map,” Axel murmured in his ear, hands skating across the blond’s chest and holding him close.

“Axel, for fuck’s sake, this is too much. I realize that the air condition has come on, but it’s just come on, and it’s still a mite too hot to be all clingy with one another,” Roxas said, trying to worm his way out of Axel’s tight embrace.

“No, Rox, please stay,” Axel said, forehead against the nape of Roxas’ neck, and the blond stopped moving.

“Okay,” he whispered, one set of fingers threading through Axel’s. It was just as hot and sweaty as they thought it was going to be, but Axel licked the sweat from the back of his neck like he was Roxas’ sated mate, and Roxas stroked a leanly muscled forearm.

They moved to the bed to watch the sun set, Axel holding Roxas still in his arms, and neither one of them wanted to leave, not even for ice cream.

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I am so glad there was no LJ cut so I DIDN'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE CUTENESS AND LOVE. This was so adorable T, love love love. I love Roxas and his sassy bitchiness. <3333333 HEEEEEEEE <33333333

Roxas gets bitchier the more uncomfortable he gets XD
There have been a few drabbles written, which angers me because I'm like FUCK WORK ON INDY!AXEL YOU HOE. I did get another few hundred words written of that, too

YAAAAAYYYYYY THAT IS SO EXCITING!! I started the next Crossroad part today >:3


on my phone so i can't leave a proper comment but

oh god how CUTE. YES. they are most definitely a sappy couple oh yes. aww.

<3 <3

love this!

They are the sappiest of couples! It's mostly Axel's fault, though, because Roxas tends to be a hard mother fucker (or at least he tries).

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