Been Hallucinatin' You, Babe

Title: Been Hallucinatin' You, Babe
Pairing: Axel x Roxas
Rating: T
Words: 1000~
Disclaimer: I don't own Axel, Roxas, or an air conditioner, because where I come from the basement is always cool enough to counter the summer heat.
Warnings: Language, boys in boxers, mentions of a homosexual relationship, Roxas being a sassy, irritable bitch due to intensive summer heat.
A/N: There's really not much to say here. Other than I typically like Demyx, but making him the idiot roommate that everyone hates was clearly the easiest way to get Roxas off the floor in the bathroom and into Axel's bedroom. Oh ho ho, that plot device. Written for a contest on dA, just a quick little drabble. Title from 'Summer in the City' By Regina Spektor. 

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Sweet Leaf; Gimme A New Belief

Title: Sweet Leaf; Gimme A New Belief

Characters: ​Axel, Demyx, mentions of Naminé and Roxas.
Rating: M
Words: 1,300~
Disclaimer: I don't own: any of the characters, Black Sabbath, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Up In Smoke, Easy Rider, or Super Troopers.
Warnings: Pot heads, quotes from stoner movies, mentions of gayness and implied AkuRoku, potty mouths.
A/N: Written for a Wishathon on dA for GuidingChaos, because she has awesome prompts that make me flail around like a lunatic. I'M SORRY THIS ISN'T INDY!AXEL D:

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Dream [The Alphabet Meme, 4/26]

Title: Dream

Pairing: Axel x Roxas

Rating: M

Warnings: Implied torture, implied character death, foul language, Axel being cavalier about things he shouldn't be.

A/N: I seem to be in a rather sadistic mindset, I don't know where all of these upsetting fics are coming from. Like I've said before, I don't like being mean to my boys.

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