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theplumtomato's Journal

Suit Up, Bitches.
12 June
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I like to dye my hair with fantastical colors. I've probably had it more colors than you can think of, and at the moment it's hot pink and brown (gasp! A natural color, in MY hair?!). I tend to be very curious, and said curiosity usually gets me a) Lost, b) Into questionable predicaments, c) Into serious shit, or d) All of the above. I like to explore my surroundings and I like meeting new people. I love swimming in natural bodies of water in the outdoors, and I hate pools because the chlorine kills my already rather dead hair. Not to mention they are rather unsanitary. I'm a pretty friendly person (unless you wake me up in an unorthodox manner), so drop me a line! I love meeting people!
You should also know that I am an avid AkuRoku fangirl. Avid, not rabid.